Congregational Meeting

This information below was shared by Pastor Rockey on a Video Sermon during the week.

*In 12 months, $500,000 has been received in contributions toward the ECC

*And two families met with Pastor in late April and committed an additional $100,000 ($50,000 of which was received last weekend and the other $50,000 will be received in January). They shared that they truly believe this is meant to be a keynote ministry of Amazing Grace and that the Lord is the one behind this incredible opportunity. They also pray that their additional commitment will encourage and motivate others to also join in to make this a reality.

*With this additional commitment, we are now over $600,000 toward our Early Childhood Center ministry. Further, this is just one more way that the Lord is assuring us that He is behind this. It’s not just one person, or group that is pushing this – but the Lord Himself who is affirming, providing and blessing what we are doing!

IMPORTANT NOTE – The May 14th meeting and decision to build a Modular or Site-Built facility. Our prayer is that the vote/decision made will be reflective of the entire congregation.

Our constitution does not allow for “absentee voting”. However, if you would like to share your opinion or how the Lord is leading you, we would love to hear from you. Therefore, please email, Marla Adrian, our Congregational Secretary, at by Saturday night 5/13. This information will then be shared with the Voters Assembly as part of the open discussion (i.e. noting how many would vote for the Modular, how many for the Site-built, and then any other comments provided will be shared).

Please continue to keep this in prayer as we go forward to fulfill what we committed to last year, and vote as the Lord leads us. May He truly be honored in how we join together and respond in faith.